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Hunting reserves in the Tver Province for sale

We offer half of the reserve for sale and provide suitable companions

The Izubr hunting reserve was founded in 2008 within the territory of the Bologoye State Reserve. Thanks to step-up security measures, comfortable habitat, feeding, and timely bio-engineering, the place has a rich and diverse fauna. There is a good population of bear, moose, wild boar (now regaining its status after an onslaught of African swine fever), roe, beaver, marten, otter, lynx, abundant grouse leks (each lek is a home to more than 35 cocks), blackcock, hazel grouse, and all species of waterfowl. To keep animals in peace, we do not arrange drive hunts. Therefore, as you move through the place, you will have a chance to see a calmly feeding moose, wild boar, and even a bear! There are salt feeders, feeding sites with crates filled with grains; also, you can find a 50 hectare patch seeded in oat, rape, and winter wheat. There are lookout- and hunting towers across the area. New clearings and paths have been cut through the woods. There are no settlements within the bounds of the reserve and therefore there is no encounter problem. Woodmen have clear-cut a large portion of the forest and thus have contributed to the growth of moose population. There are natural lakes that are rich in fish. The area abounds in mushrooms, blueberry, and raspberry; swamps are overgrown with red bilberry and cranberry.

Also, the reserve has 100 hectares of agricultural land, which is owned and operated by Izubr (fields only). Today, the patch is seeded in grass that provides feeding hay. This year 900 hay rolls were made; 700 of them were sold to local farmers, and the remaining 200 were stacked as horse food. There is a resort area adjacent to the reserve, which has comfortable accommodation and recreation facilities. In Buduscheye, a village standing on the bank of Lake Svyatoye, there is a two-hectare territory with a guest house and a residence for housekeeping personnel. The 25x15 m residence is built of handcut 51 cm thick logs. It is a chalet-style residence built entirely of environmentally friendly materials. It features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and three balconies.

The residence was constructed in late 2014. There is a utility unit featuring two apartments for housekeeping personnel, firewood- and coal-heated boiler house with a standby electrical boiler. All boilers are manufactured by Buderus, Germany. There is a 67m deep artesian core with an advanced water purification system and a septic sewage treatment system. The one-hectare patch is fenced off and guarded by 16 security cameras, equipped with fire alarm systems and internal security fence alarm systems. All systems live up to the latest security and safety standards.

There is a power transmission line and a 60 kVA packaged transformer substation, perimeter lighting, a walkie-talkie transponder with signal covering the entire reserve territory, signal booster, and satellite Internet. Also, a 15 kVA generator is installed, which is made in Germany. There is a tent for tools and vehicles and a dog kennel. The inventory includes two MTZ-82 tractors and tractor-mounted facilities (a plough, seeder, mower, agitator, baler, hoist, fork, blade, drill, rotator, scoop, cart, spray barrel, harrow), and they are all brand new!

All these tools are very helpful in running a household!

Also, we have horses: an Akhal Teke stallion, two Kabarda stallions, and a Russian Heavy Draft!
There are horse routes.
Vehicles include: a “bukhanka” diesel UAZ featuring a 2010 engine, petrol UAZ with a 2008 engine, and petrol UAZ with a 2010 engine. All vehicles have been lifted, equipped with winches, and are ready to explore woodland routes!
Also, we have three four-wheels and seven snowmobiles, including three “Burans”. All vehicles are absolutely operational.
We hire three rangers, a hunting expert, supply agent, accountant, and a family of full-time dwellers.
The hunting reserve provides all sorts of facilities intended for exciting active and passive outdoor recreation. The reserve is placed in the middle of divine woodland that abounds in game, berries, mushrooms, and lakes with all types of fish.

If you have questions, please, phone us using the number written on the Contacts page.

Leonov Yakov Viktorovich +7(495)984-7042 spavlov02@gmail.com