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Hunting and active recreation at the Izubr Game Ranch Camp

Game management is a branch of integrated environmental management. It covers a spectrum of functions ranging from procuring high-value materials and satisfying sportsmen’s needs to contributing to artificial environmental control in natural systems. Izubr’s history began in 2008, when Leonov Yakov Viktorovich, by the time a mature hunter with ten years’ experience, decided to purchase game reserves. He chose a former wildlife reserve of Bologoye District, the Tver Province. Mother Nature a kind of tailored this refuge land for hunters and populated its woods and fields with a variety of game animals. Largely, it happened because man’s activity has had little impact on this unique landscape.

The territory of this game reserve is covered by age-old forest, swamps, lakes, pine forest, and fields. The local game fauna is rich and diverse too. The OOO Izubr territory is home to the following species traditionally targeted by Russian hunters: moose, wild boar, Far Eastern red deer, roe, bear, lynx, marten, fox, beaver, raccoon dog, wolf, as well as upland/field game, and waterfowl. Today, there are 15 feeding sites within the farm territory, 150 ha of which are seeded in oats, 30 – in winter crops, and water reservoirs are seeded in Canadian rice for ducks to feed on. There are eight wood grouse leks with 7 to 35 singing males, which is a rare occurrence in the Tver Province.


Every year legendary wolfers set up unique and effective wolf hunts with flags! Deep in the woods, there are natural lakes that are rich in trophy pike, roach, tench, crucian carp, perch, freshwater cod, and bream! Therefore, any ardent fisher can easily find what he/she knows to be an ideal fishing spot. Swamps abound in cranberry, red bilberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cloudberry - a rare sight in this area! The place will fill mushroom hunters with delight, because there are tons of mushrooms here! In a village that carries an extraordinary and ambiguous name – Buduscheye – located on the bank of Lake Svyatoye, there is a two-hectare patch of land with a comfortable hunter’s residence. You will have a roomy one-story 25x15 m handcrafted log home built of 51 cm thick logs at your disposal. It features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living room with windows facing the lake, with a fireplace and three large balconies. There is a firewood-heated Russian ‘banya’ (sauna) on the bank. Also, there is a residence for housekeeping personnel, a firewood-heated boiler-house, garage, game processing area, refrigerators, and a cellar for storing salted food and nature’s gifts. The territory is guarded by a team of four trained gamekeepers under the supervision of an experienced game manager. They are always ready to give you a comprehensive piece of advice. The Izubr game reserve focuses on ecotourism. This is the only place in the middle of nowhere, where you can escape from city noise and enjoy rest in the nature’s lap!

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In 2015, all hunting in water bodies will be prohibited in Russia
21.10.2016 In 2015, all hunting in water bodies will be prohibited in Russia

Hunting waterfowl in spring will be prohibited in Russia. The ban will come into force in 2015.

New website
21.10.2016 New website

We are happy to inform you that our hunting reserve is launching a new website.

In 2015, the reserve sustained a ₽2,000,000 damage resulting from moose poaching.
21.10.2016 In 2015, the reserve sustained a ₽2,000,000 damage resulting from moose poaching.

In 2015, illegal moose hunting in the Tver Province reached ₽2,000,000

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